About The Author

Date of Birth: Unknown
Are You Kidding: No
Place of Birth: Argentina
Residence: On some cloud over NYC
Education: PhD in “The Little Prince”
Profession: Worried
Occupation: Thinker
Hobbie: Thinking
Voluntary Work: Keeping two cats and many plants alive
Criminal records: Killed a mosquito after meeting the Dalai Lama
Ego Status: on probation
Religion: God made the Big Bang Boom, or something. Go Jesus!
Political affiliations: Say what?
A goal: Change the world

Human Labels You May Need

  • Age: Don’t ask; you won’t believe it;
  • Marital status: single mother of two cats (life is hard); divorced;
  • Where Am I From? I was raised and I had lived in many cities, so “I have an accent and no-one knows where to place me”; at the city where I was born, I lived for a day or two (probably three) so, NO, I’m not from there either; (1)
  • What Do I Do? I write and I take pictures;
  • Source of Knowledge: a lot of self-taught nature…;
  • Social Skills: half nerd, half “uhm;”
  • Surviving Skills: I tried to kill myself and I couldn’t, so I think I ace this;
  • True Surviving Skills: I dream and I laugh a lot;
  • Last but not least: Total Blockhead (Shut up. It means, “devoted fan of the New Kids On The Block”)

Let’s Pretend I Can Be Serious …


  • Spanish (native); English (fluent); Humor (Thank God!)

Topics of Interest

  • Mental Health; Education; Motivation; Blogging; Music; Traveling

Writing of Interest

  • Screenwriting; Stand-Up Comedy;

Higher Education

  • Civil Law Notary (2011) Universidad de Morón. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Lawyer (2005) Universidad Abierta Interamericana. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Procuradora (2004) Universidad Abierta Interamericana. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Bachelor’s Degree Of Education (1994) Ntra. Sra. De Los Angeles. Rosario, Argentina

(Some of the) Complementary Education

  • Community Management (2014) Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Photography (2014) Nikon School.
  • Executive Seminar on Military‐Media Relations (2005) United States Defense. Institute of International Legal Studies.
  • Mobile International Defense Management Course (2004) Defense Resources. Management Institute. Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, California)
  • 13º Argentine Marketing Congress (1994)
  • Professional Model (1991) Instituto Elisa Botti (2)

Find me On Social Media (I May Answer)

@lalyriveryork on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Disclaimers From The Highline Post

(1) Please avoid to ask the author “Where are you from”; The Highline Post doesn’t asume any kind of responsibility of what might happen to you.

(2) Shut up.